Battery cast on strap machine

Project Description

Mechtek has a unique 3 elevator Cast on strap solution for the large form factor Lead acid Battery production machine.  This gives the advantage of moving the incoming and outgoing product as small a distance as possible, minimising the times spent moving product and providing as efficient a process as possible.

The three elevator system combined with mould cooling and heating control are able to offer improved cycle times and increased production rates, which will improve ROI

The unit using 4 fixed stations where the operation of loading, fluxing, casting and unloading take place,

A direct drive camco indexing unit gives a sub 2 second indexing time with very high presicion and optimised acceleration and deceleration designed in

The fluxing unit is designed to retract below the carousel, and both applies flux, and can use a secondary sponge operation to remove excess

The casting operation is supported with a heated lead bath, which can be offered with electric or gas heating, a liquid metal pump and lead level switch,

The liquid metal pump and its support facilitys are controlled by the PLC program allowing very accurate recepe setup for each product, to get the perfect process timing of heating, pre cooling and cooling

Our systems would be offered with any watercooling options as required, we can spec and supply water chillers, heat exchangers, pipework, manifilds and solinoid controle stands for cooling and recycling of the water which can be plc controled and setup from the Operator HMI

We can offer different insert placement options from basic pause, contune,  manual options, to fully automated with long runtime bowl fed robotized solutions

COS is supported by loading and unloading units, which use a servo driven puller / pusher to drive / extract the plate pack from the COS machine.

and we are able to offer different types of product clamping options from punmatic clamping with operator changable tooling, to fully automated one touch solutions where products can be switched over with minimal operator interventon..  



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