Battery lid seal machine

Project Description

Battery Lid Sealing:

  • heat bond two lids onto two battery boxes every 40 seconds
  • twin ball screw gearbox driven Z axis
  • split heating platten for improved tempurature control
  • oil damped stroke stops for the heater plate motion
  • duel box width compatability
  • 12 different lid sizes catered for
  • PLC control of the heating and recepe selection
  • self containted pneumatic design
  • light guards to prevent operator access during running...
  • operator loading of the carousel during normal operation with secondary light guards 


This machine is designed to take lids from an operator loaded magazine two at a time, and with a controlled heating cycle melt them onto the positioned boxes below. 

Its designed to handle a range of boxes from 330mm to 750mm tall in differing opening sizes



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