Bulk Materials Handling, Silo's and Storage

Project Description

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We manufacture and design a range of bespoke Silo's in various metals and coatings, across various industries. Silos for agriculture, water industry, biomass, chemical, grain, flour milling and wood processing. Complete Silo systems can be installed as part of a larger plant installation, let us know your requirements, or contact us for advice concerning your silo project.

Solids Discharging Equipment

Certain bulk materials cannot be stored in cylindrical silos with a tapered outlet cone because no flow aid would be sufficient to extract them. For some of those materials the outlet cross section of the silo must be increased. Others do not even allow the slightest wall angle in the outlet section and require polygonal shape silos with vertical or even negatively raked walls all the way down to the outlet. As a result, mechanical extracting and feeding devices must be adapted to the cross section of the outlet. We offer a variety of equipment for discharging bulk materials.

As well as Telescopic Loading Bellows (Loading spouts), we offer single, twin-shafted screw feeders (see Screw Conveyors & Feeders) and Multiple Shafted Flood-Fed Screw Feeders (Live Bin Bottoms) in a customised standard design for various applications and for materials as different as flour, bran, wood chippings, sawdust, shredded paper or sludge. In extracting powders, granules and fibres, we offer a wide range of vibrating bin activators.

Bin Activators

At times flowability of certain powders is so poor that discharge from silos assisted by flow aids like aeration pads, pneumatic hammers, hammer blasts or even air cannons is impossible. In such cases a Bin Activator is the ultimate flow aid and extracting device for such materials.

Loading Bellows

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