Conveyors, Bucket Elevators and Conveyor Systems

Project Description

Screw Conveyors and Feeders

Over the years screw conveyors for specific purposes have been developed. Cement Screw Conveyors and Feeders for concrete batching plants were the first to be industrialised in the early 1970's. Later came light-duty Flour Milling Screw Conveyors with synthetic maintenance-free intermediate bearings.

Heavy-duty Cement Screw Conveyors, as used in the concrete industry, are particularly robust and equipped with self-adjusting stuffing boxes. Extra-heavy duty Screw Conveyors, designed for continuous operation in cement, lime and gypsum processing, come with flanged shaft couplings for easy screw replacement.

Difficult materials with a high moisture content that have a tendency to stick to the centre pipe or flight in traditional screw conveyors, such as sludge or screenings, are successfully handled by Shaftless Screw or Spiral Conveyors with ultra-heavy-duty helicoids flighting.

A range of high-accuracy Screw Feeders for both micro-feed rates and large volumes is also available. The range includes feeders with agitator tools, feeders with flexible troughs for gently massaging and blending the material, feeders for steep angle applications and many others.

Bucket Elevators

The following Bucket Elevator range is able to meet each and every user's requirements in terms of problem solution and reliability in time.

Chain Conveyors

Chain or Drag Conveyors are an important cornerstone developed from more than one hundred years of use in bulk solids handling. Chain conveyors are amongst the most widely used conveyor types in many installations for handling powdery or granular materials. Thanks to their robust heavy-duty design, TCG Chain Conveyors meet every users requirements in terms of reliability and durability.

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