GRITSEP - Grit Separators

Project Description

Description - The GRITSEP DS Grit Classifiers consist of an inclined screw conveyor with a large volume hopper including an inlet spout and a water outlet spout, a shaftless screw housed in a trough, a low friction anti-wear trough liner, a trough cover, an outlet spout for solid particles, and a drive unit mounted at the outlet end.

Function - Water to be cleaned flows through the inlet spout of the GRITSEP Grit Classifier into the decantation hopper where sedimentation of the solid particles is taking place. The low screw rotation speed improves sedimentation and sees to conveying and discharging of de-watered material through the upper outlet. Cleaned water exits through the lateral hopper discharge spout.

Performance & Technical Features - Benefits

  • Hopper manufactured in stainless steel and designed to avoid material blockages
  • Shaftless screw made up from sections of heavy-duty, wear resistant material
  • Trough manufactured in stainless steel and lined with low-friction, wear-resistant material
  • Liquid throughput: 8 l/s (0.3 cfs) to 30 l/s (1.06 cfs)
  • Solids output: 0.08dm3/s (0.003 cfs)
  • Efficiency: 90 % separation of sand with grain size as small as 200 µm
  • Low speed
  • Trough liner design facilitates quick and easy replacement
  • Absence of bearings
  • Low installation cost

Options & Accessories

  • Discharge chute
  • Additional material removal screw at discharge level
  • Fabricated support structure
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