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Project Description

The mixers are made to measure from standardized modular components, aimed at the relevant task. The high quality originates from profound know-how in process technology, from individual tuning of the mixer components in compliance with the product, as well as from selection of specific materials in connection with the latest technology in manufacturing. SINTSCREW technology offers a vast range of mixers and conditioners for different types of powders and applications: from dry premixed mortar or wall plasters to asphalt production, from foundry filter dust to porcelain in the ceramics industry, and in general, for all types of dust that allow moistening for recovery or disposal.

Call to find out more on our Dust Conditioners, Mortar Mixers and Mortar Mixers for Small Silos, Laboratory Mixers, Conical Screw Mixers, Conditioners for Ceramic Dust, Tubular Batch-Type Ribbon Blenders and Batch-Type Twin Shaft Paddle Mixers.


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