SBB - FIBC Dischargers

Project Description

Description - SBB-type FIBC Dischargers consist of a steel frame complete with a material discharge hopper and an upper mobile cross bar for lifting of the filled up bag by forklift truck into the Discharger.

Function - SBB is a modular system for discharging Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (Big Bags) in different configurations depending on the application. Easy introduction of the FIBC into the support frame and dust-free discharging along with a variety of options make SBB extremely user-friendly. The four loops of the FIBC are attached to the hooks of the detached cross bar that has previously been laid on top of the FIBC. The cross bar with the attached FIBC is then picked up by a forklift truck and introduced into the frame of the SBB Discharger. Once the FIBC has settled on the rubber seal of the discharge hopper the outlet closing rope of the FIBC can be pulled open through the inspection hatch of the discharge hopper.

Performance & Technical Features - Benefits

  • Construction material: Carbon steel, 304L / 316L stainless steel
  • Available in two different sizes
  • Versions available: A – With height adjustment for FIBC loading by forklift truck. B – For overhead crane loading. C – With monorail for installation of a hoist
  • Hopper complete with: A – Access hatch for FIBC opening. B – Electric vibrator as material discharge aid.
  • 1,250mm (4ft) or 1,500mm (5ft) diameter vibrating cone fitted with outlet opening hatchway
  • 273mm (11 in) diameter discharge outlet
  • Vibration dampening
  • Rubber dust seal
  • Problem-free complete discharging from bag corners even with compressed powders

Options & Accessories

  • FIBC cutting system for disposable bulk bags
  • FIBC percussion aid complete with electropnuematic control panel
  • Frame height adjustment set
  • Cantilever frame for attachment of hoisting equipment
  • Food-grade FDA-approved seal
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