Sieves, Sifters and Screens

Project Description

Solids-Liquid Separation Equipment

In the area of municipal waste a complete mechanical effluent pre-treatment can be provided: conveying, elevating, screening, de-watering and compacting, de-gritting and de-greasing. All the above pre-treatment functions can also be provided in a single unit.

Apart from municipal waste, special equipment that deals with the mechanical solids-liquid separation of waste can be provided across a number of industries, products such as PAUNCHPRESS that deals with rumen in cattle abattoirs, POULTSCREEN, a special screw screen for poultry feathers, HAIRSCREEN, disposes of hair in tanneries and GRITSEP, specially developed for paper mills. Please click below to find out more about some of the various screens, compactors and solids-liquid separators.


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