SSC - Shaftless Sprial Conveyors

Project Description

Description - The SSC Shaftless Screw or Spiral Conveyor is an alternative concept to the traditional shafted screw conveyor. Material is conveyed by an extra-heavy-duty shaftless screw that slides on a low friction, wear resistant liner inside the conveyor trough housing. The U-section troughs, which are longitudinally divided, are manufactured in carbon steel or in 304 L /316 L stainless steel, including an appropriate surface treatment. Fabricated parts except the screw, which is ultra-heavy-duty, are of the medium-heavy-duty type. The cross section of the lower part of the trough is slightly wider than the side channels to allow for the liner to be inserted in the lower trough part. After complete assembly of the trough the liner is kept in place by the upper trough side channels. At one trough end there is a vertical or flush-type outlet. At the drive end the screw conveyor is equipped with an end plate holding the end bearing assembly with flanged shaft coupling with the screw. The drive unit installed suits the application. The SSC can be loaded from above into the open trough (standard), or through an inlet spout included in a bolted trough cover (option), or from the side through a special side inlet in the loading zone of the trough (option).

Function - The Shaftless Screw (spiral) offers a larger volume capacity and the possibility of handling particularly difficult materials such as those that tend to become tangled up or those that present highly variable particle size. Construction material properties, oversize thickness, as well as a special manufacturing process make the spiral highly resistant and extremely durable. Due to the absence of intermediate bearings, obstacle-free material handling is guaranteed. The completely enclosed trough prevents any material leakage. Trough covers with appropriate gaskets enable odour-free operation and form a barrier to any atmospheric agents to enter the system. At the same time the conveyor offers maximum access to the inside for inspection and cleaning. Maintenance is reduced to the minimum due to a small number of components. There is a vast choice of liners depending on the specific material characteristics. SSC Shaftless Screw (Spiral) Conveyors have been specially designed for handling of difficult heterogeneous materials like urban solid waste, screenings and floating matter, de-watered, thickened, conditioned sludge, packaged food, creams or pastes, waste from:meat, fish, fruit and vegetable processing. The main sectors of application are: wastewater treatment, sugarhouse rejects, fish industry, solid waste treatment, fruit and vegetable processing plants, beverage industry, pulp and paper, chemical industry, food industry in general, meat processing plants, abattoirs/slaughterhouses, restaurants, canteens, catering in general.

Performance & Technical Features - Benefits

  • Troughput rates: up to 65 m3/h (38 cfm) for sludge, up to 25 m3/h (15 cfm) for screenings
  • Drive power: 0.55 Kw (0.75 HP) to 7.5 kW (10 HP)
  • Trough and spiral manufactured in carbon or stainless steel 304 L or 316 L
  • Trough liner in UHMWP
  • Small footprint
  • Odour-free operation
  • High efficiency
  • Complete emptying
  • Simple design (few components)
  • Easy to access and to clean
  • Little maintenance
  • Modular components enable easy adaptation to various problems (results in an extremely versatile conveyor for a variety of difficult materials for a large number of applications)
  • High degree of self-cleaning

Options & Accessories

  • Bolted trough cover
  • Standard inlet spouts
  • Inspection and overflow hatches
  • Drainage kit
  • Trough feet
  • Washing nozzles
  • Different type power transmissions: direct, coupling transmission, chain transmission, belt transmission
  • Different liners available: with wear signalling, bottom bars or plates, white or black colour plastic
  • Spiral guiding bar
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